Chairs and Seating

SKU Title Price
OFW480 Herman Miller Aeron Chair $450.00
OFW222 NEW Eurotech iOO White/Black Chair $695.00
OFW495 NEW Eurotech ERGO Human $759.00
OFW238 Steelcase Drive Chair $149.00
OFW357 Steelcase Leap Chair Refurbished $399.00
OFW352 NEW Marquis MS9622 Mid-Back Chair $169.00
OFW356 NEW Marquis MS6406 Mid-Back Chair $139.00
OFW203 Steelcase Leap Chair $339.00
OFW219 NEW Eurotech MF272 tetra Chair $239.00
OFW519 NEW Marquis MS8920 Managerial Chair $129.00
OFW221 NEW Eurotech LE150 High Back Leather Chair $369.00
OFW436 Humanscale Freedom Chair $239.00
OFW481 NEW Tera #030031 Task Chair $129.00
OFW220 NEW Eurotech MT9400 Mid-Back Chair $295.00
OFW532 Steelcase Think Chair $259.00
OFW360 Steelcase Criterion Chair $119.00
OFW288 NEW Marquis MS8905 High-Back Chair $199.00
OFW223 NEW Eurotech DFT9800 Black Drafting Chair $289.00
OFW333 Lux Steel Chair $119.00
OFW450 OFM Essentials Collection E1003 Chair $189.00
OFW432 Keilhauer Conference Chair $99.00
OFW469 Steelcase Drive Chair Black $199.00
OFW226 Brayton International Swivel Chair $289.00
OFW423 Haworth X99 Chair $239.00
OFW419 Vecta Kart Nesting Chair $119.00
OFW129 NEW Safco 4470 Executive Chair $169.00
OFW250 Dauphin Purple Mid Back Office Chair $119.00
OFW392 Knoll Soho Task Chair $89.00
OFW327 Kimball "Stature" Executive Chair $179.00
OFW466 Haworth Zody Chair $395.00
OFW482 NEW Eurotech LE521 Chair $289.00
OFW512 NEW Marquis MS9612 Managerial Chair $145.00
OFW395 Herman Miller Equa High Back Chair $89.00
OFW350 NEW Marquis MS4010 Guest Chair w/casters $99.00
OFW517 Herman Miller Fabric Chair $119.00
OFW300 Knoll Bulldog Taupe Task Chair $109.00
OFW224 NEW Marquis MSR102V Black Vinyl Love Seat $549.00
OFW323 Keilhauer "Also" Counter Stool $89.00
OFW439 Keilhauer Guest Chair $199.00
OFW505 NEW Marquis MS6502 Captain's Chair $139.00
OFW433 Hon Guest Chair w/Oak frame $89.00
OFW473 NEW Axis 4003C Triple Bench $349.00
OFW472 NEW Axis 4001C Single Bench $199.00
OFW302 NEW SAFCO Zenergy Yoga Ball Seat $159.00
OFW521 NEW Flash Stack Chair $49.00
OFW440 Haworth Look Chair $119.00
OFW 318 Kimball Guest Chair $119.00
OFW568 Seven Seat Sectional Set $595.00
OFW244 Tablet Chair, Beige $249.00
OFW549 Sit on It Task Chair $189.00
OFW343 Kimball Stack Chair $59.00
OFW355 NEW Marquis MS2023 Cantilever Side Chair $129.00
OFW310 Royal Blue Bar Stools $79.00
OFW564 Stylex Bounce Stack Chair with Wheels $69.00
OFW504 Steelcase Guest Chair $159.00
OFW520 NEW Tayco "J" Chair $389.00
OFW382 Bernhardt Club Chair $199.00
OFW543 Loft Guest Chair $79.00
OFW595 Haworth Very Chair $79.00
OFW429 David Edward "Grand Island" Pair of Guest Chairs $999.00
OFW260 NEW Marquis MS7509 Guest Chair $139.00
OFW561 Haworth Stack Chair Wood Back $79.00
OFW363 Guest Club Chair $79.00
OFW459 NEW Office Source Guest Chair $189.00
OFW328 Kimball "Stature" Mid Back Executive Chair $159.00
OFW584 Herman Miller Mirra Chair $450.00
OFW518 Keilhauer Task Chair $129.00
OFW282 NEW Highmark Seating Barstool Chair $199.00
OFW558 Herman Miller Caper Chair $159.00
OFW359 Haworth Improv Task Chair $149.00
OFW526 KI Rapture Stool $99.00
OFW319 Lowenstein Guest Chair $129.00
OFW579 Herman Miller Aeron Stool $599.00
OFW513 Herman Miller Equa Stool $109.00
OFW403 Herman Miller Side Chair $249.00
OFW550 NEW Herman Miller Caper Stackable Chair Armless $119.00
OFW478 Geiger Guest Chair $199.00
OFW348 Hon Task Chair, Burgundy $49.00
OFW565 Haworth Zody Guest Chair $79.00
OFW544 Haworth Tas Chair $129.00
OFW334 Knoll Life Chair $199.00
OFW596 NEW Marquis MSW116 Guest Chair $149.00
OFW354 NEW Marquis MS3015V Stack Chair $75.00
OFW287 NEW Marquis MS8901 Managers Chair $179.00
OFW563 Stylex Bounce Stack Chair No Arms $59.00
OFW373 Sit-On-It Chair $89.00
OFW126 Steelcase Guest Chair $49.00
OFW537 Gunlocke Leather Chair $229.00
OFW587 Haworth Improv Guest Chair w/wheels $69.00
OFW259 NEW Marquis MS1006V Guest Chair $105.00
OFW559 Herman Miller Caper Armless Chair $99.00
OFW351 NEW Marquis MS4020 Guest side chair $99.00
OFW530 Haworth Improv Stack Chair $69.00
OFW453 Wood Frame Guest Chair $59.00
OFW582 Kimball Timberlane Guest Chair $129.00
OFW407 Eames Style Chair $49.00
OFW150 Krug Guest Chairs $149.00
OFW549 Sit on It Task Chair $189.00
OFW254 American Seating Stack Chairs $39.00
OFW290 NEW Stacking Chair, Poly Shell $49.95
OFW316 Haworth M211 Manager's Chair $129.00