Odds and Ends

SKU Title Price
OFW400 Buffet with glass top $325.00
OFW467 White Board Presentation Board 4' x 6' $495.00
OFW302 NEW SAFCO Zenergy Yoga Ball Seat $159.00
OFW186 Wood Lateral File Cabinets $199.00
OFW366 Steelcase Metal Bookcase $149.00
OFW389 Walnut End Table $99.00
OFW391 Oak End Table $99.00
OFW381 Wardrobe/Storage Cabinet Combination $395.00
OFW371 Brass End Table $149.00
OFW248 Light Gray White Board $295.00
OFW378 Bookcase Storage $395.00
OFW368 Brass End Table $149.00